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This book in one that most people would find fascinating. It makes for a great coffee table book - with lots of discussion when friends visit. Also a perfect bar or batmitzvah gift or hostess gift . Something for everyone
Highly recommended - buy more than one copy so you will have extra's to give to friends and family !

This book is a powerful tool for learning applied Graphology 101. and understanding how it is used to revel the hidden qualities of the personality. Graphology is in fact a scientific practice to determining people's psychological, social, occupational, and even medical attributes from the configuration of the letters, lines, and paragraphs on a page.

You my think that it is psychobabble, but in fact many large corporations do consult graphologists and it has occasionally been accepted in court.
Try it, send (fax or scan) your hand writing to (...) and see how writing analysis is remarkably accurate.

In the book you have all kinds of personalities analyzed, from contemporary Matisyahu - known for blending traditional Jewish themes with Reggae, rock and hip hop sounds- to Steven Spielberg - film director, screenwriter, and film producer, with a career spanning over four decades. It includes politicians, TV personalities and more.

I have just had the pleasure reading The Genius of Jewish Celebrities by Robert Yaronne.
The book increased my interest in Graphology. This book provides the reader with the gift of greater awareness of the vast uses of Graphological Analysis. With the guidance of an accredited competent Graphologist such as Dr. Yaronne, a person could expand their own understanding of their own personal life choices as well as becoming more acquainted and even acquiring greater admiration for others. Dr. Yaronne's intrepretation of the handwriting of acclaimed celebrities brings home that we all are only human.
The book, The Genius of Jewish Celebrities, is a book well worth reading which can open a new world of understanding and guidance in the life of the readers.



"Delightful!  Dr. Yaronne's observations were completely spot on, nearly to the point of being unbelievable.  He is clearly an intuitive and talented analyst.  The book itself is vibrant and engaging, and (most importantly) quite fun to read."

Emily Goldsher, "As It Is Written: Deciphering The Penmanship of Jewish Innovators", the net's #1 destination for young Jews


This book has a lot of interesting handwriting samples with a beautiful and colorful design layout.

Benjamin Franklin wrote, "Clothes advertise the man." Dr. Robert Yaronne, in his engaging book The Genius of Jewish Celebrities, premises signatures also advertise the man; through them one truly enters the confessional. This volume, filled with colorful photographs, thumbnail biographies and celebrity signatures will make a most welcome addition to all coffee tables.

???????????? Marlene Wagman-Geller, author of Once Again to Zelda

"A fascinating book, filled with revealing insights based on handwriting analysis, vibrant photographs and graphics, and thumbnail biographies. Brings the soul of celebrities right to your coffee table."
San Diego Jewish Journal.

This is by far the most interesting book I have seen in a long time", Dr. Esbensen, Software architect